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The Chair conducts research activities in a wide range of areas related to satellite and mission design and the development and verification of hardware and software.

The Working Groups of the UC3M-SENER Aerospace Chair and the responsible professors are the following:

• Equipment testing through balloon flights. Manuel Sanjurjo.
• Attitude and Orbital Control Systems. Antonio Flores Caballero.
• Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). Mario Merino.
• Embedded Software and Earth Segment. Jesús Carretero.
• Communications: telemetry and telecommand. Víctor Gil.
• Electronic systems. Luis Entrena,
• Communications: photonics. Guillermo Carpintero

The working groups hold weekly or biweekly meetings where students, SENER staff and professors and researchers from UC3M participate. At least twice a year meetings of the Chair are held in full where each group presents the results achieved.

Depending on the needs of the work groups and the student initiative, the Chair organizes training workshops given by SENER staff, UC3M professors, or by the students themselves. Two examples of this type of activities are:

•Model Based System Engineering Workshop. Taught by SENER staff. 2 days duration, 2018.
• CanSat workshop. held on February 14 and 15, 2019 and organized by second-year master students Jesús Perales, Ignacio Castillo and Laura González at the Maker Space of UC3M. 30 participants.