Related Projects

Surrounding the UC3M Sener chair there are several projects, where the sinergies between them find in the chair the ideal location to share and cooperate.

These projects are:


The project Madrid Flight on Chip (MFoC) is a research and innovation project funded by Comunidad de Madrid and the European Union. The goal of the MFoC project is to develop novel techniques for the development of future-generation aerospace satellite systems. The project will explore hardware and software techniques for radically different aerospace system development in that will enable much more cost-effective satellite missions with lower development time possible with new-generation System-on-Chip designs, while maintaining high levels of reliability.
The project will explore the use of modern hardware architectures, including FPGAs and commercial multi-core to solve common problems in the target aerospace application domain. These problems include energy consumption and resistance to cosmic radiation. The software techniques will include applications of software engineering techniques like model-based design and automated code generation and testing.
The MFoC consortium includes SENER Aeroespacial as the main aerospace industrial partner and IMDEA Software and Universidad Carlos III as research partners, with GENERA, CENTUM, REUSE and MARM being the rest of the industrial partners.


MARTINLARA mission will be the first satelite launched by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. 

It will enable to run observations of the Cosmological Microwave Background (CMB), as well as Earth observation to monitor the magnetic South Pole and applications for climate change forecasting.

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