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The UC3M groups that actively collaborate in the UC3M Sener chair and the contact person are listed below:

Group of the Aerospace Engineering department

The Department of Bioengineering and Aerospace Engineering is primarily responsible for the Degree in Aerospace Engineering, the Master’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, and the Master’s Degree in Space Engineering. The aforementioned research groups have a strong international character and regularly participate in research projects funded by the Government of Spain and the Community of Madrid, the European Commission and ESA.

Relevant projects are Cheops, Minotor, Nanostar, Prometeo, MFoC, MartínLara and E.T.PACK. In Space, the groups have capabilities in mission analysis, simulation of plasma propellers, space debris, and space ties, among others.

Contact: Mario Merino. mario.merino@uc3m.es

Computer Architecture, Communications and Systems Group (ARCOS).

ARCOS is a research group that currently conducts research in several areas of HPC.
Our research activities are oriented to the development of new software for parallel and large-scale distributed systems. These activities cover the development and optimization of parallel applications
and distributed, in real time, reliable designs and high-performance computing, including cross-layer optimizations of HPC Storage I / O Stack, parallel file systems, acceleration of scientific workflow I / O, E-tuning Parallel / S based on machine learning,

dynamic monitoring of HPC infrastructures, convergence of HPC and Bigdata software stacks, and elasticity of resource allocation in HPC and clouds.

In addition, ARCOS researchers are leading several European projects, such as COST Action IC1305 entitled “Network for ultra-sustainable sustainable computing” (NESUS), with more than 70 institutions from 40 countries around the world, or the REPARA and RePhrase projects that address the programmability for parallel systems with special attention to heterogeneous architectures.

Contact: Jesús Carretero. jesus.carretero@uc3m.es

Communications Group of the Department of Signal Theory and Communications.

The Communications Group of the Dept. of Signal Theory and Communications of the Carlos III University of Madrid led by Ana García Armada, brings high experience in the analysis, design and evaluation of communications systems, fixed and mobile, as well as in the development of signal processing techniques to improve their performance, which allows us to offer alternatives to optimize the applications and services that are supported in them.

Main lines of research are: Multi-antenna systems (MIMO and MIMO Massive). OFDM multi-carrier modulation and variants (for NB-IoT, 5G, …). Analysis, detection and inhibition of signals.

Coordinated transmission and cancellation of interference (Small cells, …). Mechanisms of random access and radio resource management (IoT, Multicast, Broadcast).

We work on the design and application of the techniques prior to: wireless local / metropolitan area networks (WLAN, WMAN), next generation mobile systems, satellite communications systems and communications with visible light (VLC, LiFi).

Contact: Víctor Gil. vgil@ing.uc3m.es

Optoelectronics and Laser Technology Group.  

Dean research group of the Department of Electronic Technology, consisting of researchers with multidisciplinary training, from Physical Sciences to Engineering of the Industrial and Telecommunications branches. This group has coordinated three European projects (FP5 MONOPLA, FP7 iPHOS and H2020 TERAmeasure), three research initiation networks (Marie Slodowska-Curie ITN, FALCON, MITEPHO and OILTEBIA) and participated as a partner in several other projects (ePIXnet, MIRIFISENS, TRIPOD).

He currently focuses his research activity developing optoelectronic systems. On the one hand, directed by Prof. Horacio Lamela, he highlights the development of biomedicine imaging, being pioneers in the development of the photo-acoustic technique, based on short pulses of light. On the other, directed by Prof. Guillermo Carpintero, the development of integrated photonic circuits stands out, being pioneers in the generation of high frequency signals (in millimeter and Terahertz range) for wireless broadband communications and sensors.

Contact: guiller@ing.uc3m.es

Grupo de Diseño Microelectrónico y Aplicaciones (DMA) del Departamento de Tecnología Electrónica

The Microelectronic Design and Applications Group (DMA) has a long history in the design of integrated circuits, FPGAs and SoCs (System on Chip) for different applications, among which space applications and hardware acceleration stand out. Its members have participated in 11 European projects and numerous contracts with companies and institutions, both national and international. In Space it is a reference group in the study and mitigation of the effects of radiation on digital circuits.

In this field, he regularly collaborates with the main institutions, such as ESA (European Space Agency), INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technology), CNA (National Accelerator Center) and LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory). He has also carried out several circuit design projects for Espacio, among which his participation in the Rosetta mission stands out.

Contact: Luis Entrena. entrena@ing.uc3m.es