DMA Team – Electronics

This page exhibits the research performed by the DMA team in the framework of the UC3M-Sener Chair.

Within the chair, the covered areas by this team are the ones related to provided enhanced radiation resistance or tolerance for non radiation hardened electronic systems.

Work in progress or fullfilled works exposition

1 – Design and implementation of a hardware optimized Star Tracker algorithm processing (Presented on September of 2019)

This work is related to the optimization of some of the typical algorithms needed by Star Tracker devices.

A parallelized technique in order to find the contours of the detected stars on the image is implemented and validated.

2 – Design and implementation of a thermal control over FPGA (Presented on September of 2019)

This work is related to the development of a remote terminal unit integrated into the FPGA based peripheral of this project hardware. Instead the typical on space usage scenario of use, an external microcontroller, to implement the thermal sampling and control algorithm.

3 – Radiation hardening techniques for an non radiation hardened on design commercially available powerful microprocessor (2019)

This work represent the efforts on use a commercial available processor, not intended for space usage, to create a Radiation Hardened or Raditation Tolerant powerful processor system.

The technique used is based on lock step, that is compatible with any processor architecture, but requires at least two processors (or processor cores) executing the same code at same time.

Injection fault tests are performed and results are illustrated.

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