AERO Team – Avionics, Space Simulator…

This page exhibits the research performed by the AERO team in the framework of the UC3M-Sener Chair.

Within the chair, the covered areas are Model Based Systems Engineering, Space Environment Simulators and Attitude and Orbit Control systems development.

Work in progress or fullfilled works exposition

1 – Development and integration of a Space Environment Simulator (Work in progress)

This work is related to the development of a Space Simulator where orbit propagation and other relevant information, such radiation exposure, air density and velocity for certain range of altitude… regarding the interested environment, the space, is extracted in an iterative manner, in order to facilitate simulations for spacecraft operation. The traslational and rotational effects experimented by a spacecraft on the space is simulated with this work in progress software tool, a must have information for the following work.

2 – Attitude and Orbit Control System (Work in progress)

This work is related to the design of an attitude and orbit control system (AOCS). AOCS is the responsible to maintain the desired attitude for the spacecraft. This comprises the design of the operational modes, the selection of the devices (sensors and actuators) following the the mission requirements compliance. As well, the design and implementation of a control scheme suitable per each AOCS operational modes. This work benefits from the results on the Space Simulator development, due to the outputs of the simulator are used as inputs for the AOCS simulation, implementation and debugging.

3 – Development of an atmospheric ballon (Work in progress)

This work is related to the development of an entire platform that consists on an atmospheric ballon for research purposes, as well it represents an interesting academic platform where algorithm and sensor devices training can be performed, as well communication links can be tested using this platform.

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