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After a long and succesful collaboration in research and teaching
tasks between Universidad Carlos III of Madrid and SENER Aerospace,
both institutions decided to create in 2018 the UC3M-SENER Aerospace
Chair, a new framework in which to continue and strengthen this
relationship in a stable and effective way. The objective of the
Chair is to establish the basis of collaboration in research tasks
related to the development of aerospace equipment and systems.
The Chair has an annual budget that allows carrying out a plan of
activities set by its management and in which students of different
degrees and masters of the UC3M, teaching and research staff from
various departments, and SENER staff interact. The selected work
topics are unconventional, high risk, that present high disruptive
potential in the aerospace sector.

The entire research and development performed by the citated groups
covered under the Chair framework, are oriented towards the concept
of New Space. But, what means this concept? Detailed information is
provided in the next link:

New Space link

Initially promoted by the Aerospace Engineering Research Group,
in less than a year the Chair has been enriched with the support
of other UC3M research groups such as the Computer, Communications
and Systems Architecture Group (ARCOS), the Communications Group
(GCOM), the Microelectronic Design and Applications Group (DMA),
and the Optoelectronics and Laser Technology Group (GOTL).

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